Our Story

ORO is created by professionals from automotive & banking security software industry. ORO design creativity are centric to premium automotive interior decoration philosophy. Creative Elegance, Luxurious Look & Feel, Versatile, Safety defines core of ORO. ORO adopts automotive TS-16949 standard in manufacturing thus achieving the highest standard in workmanship. ORO manufacturing bases are in USA, China, Taiwan & India.

The founders of  Oro Classics recognized the dire need for privacy protection for RFID chipped items such as credit and identification cards, and created the first mobile phone travel case with RFID shielding protection. With this first product, the founders realized that there was a lack of identity protection products that were also made with exceptional quality, look, and feel. Oro Classics was then created to offer a complete line of luxury travel accessories that help prevent identity protection.

What is RFID?  RFID chips are frequently embedded in credit cards, debit cards, passports, drivers’ licenses, healthcare cards, ID cards, and transportation cards including most subway fare cards. While convenient, this technology leaves consumers vulnerable to electronic pickpocketing.

The concept of electronic pickpocketing is relatively unknown to the public due to the fact that the press and major credit card companies have been slow to recognize the privacy dangers associated with RFID chips previously used in commercial and private sectors.